Welcome to Xtreme Caffeine

Come on, admit it. We know you’ve been searching for the perfect coffee beans to purchase online. You’re totally done with the same ole’ watered down bean that everyone promised would be the last bean you ever bought. Well we’re happy to say that those feeble old beans have finally met their match. Our coffee is so original and so pure it will knock you out of your seat. So what have you got to lose? Everyone is buying our beans online and its time you gave Xtreme Caffeine some space in the kitchen cabinet.

Cans or K-Cups – Ground or whole bean

Fearlessly Bold

This is a can of extreme.


  • More powerful than a speeding locomotive
  • Ruins you for all other coffee
  • Your mother would not drink this coffee in a pink fit

Xtreme Caffeine

Grind, tamp, hit go, then stand the hell back


  • Yes it’s espresso but we had a spare X left over, mkay?
  • Wilder than your ex-girlfriend’s temper when she caught you out but a lot less bitter
  • Smooth? if you want smooth, line up with the weaklings





It’s strong, OK? It will slap your “stupid-ass morning face” into something that resembles a genius, then prepare you for all the nonsense that’s coming your way today. So suck it up, buttercup.


  • Stronger than the love of a mother
  • Richer than Buffett
  • Sharper than a gold toothed rat on a subway track
Did I mention it's that c*#p you usually drink?

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